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About Us

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Mobility Ventures is committed to the belief that innovation and excellence in mobility will simultaneously improve the lives of millions, while rewarding our investors with extraordinary returns. 

Mobility Ventures is a team of VENTUREPRENEURS™ -- entrepreneurs and venture capital investors with shared values and a common vision. Our core investment thesis is Mobility. Our team leverages decades of extensive wireless industry, operational, marketing, financial and entrepreneurial experience to nurture today's entrepreneurs into tomorrow's industry leaders. 

Mobility Ventures focuses on early-stage, cutting edge companies that enable Mobility and promote a mobile lifestyle. We define Mobility as solutions that leverage the convergence of wireless infrastructures, the Internet, applications and services which result in anytime, anywhere connectivity.  Ours franchise is Mobility. We invest across the Wireless Ecosystem in technologies, applications, services and medias that enable and promote a mobile society. These include areas such as, mobile marketing, mobile health, mobile commerce, location based services and energy/ power management.  

We use our deep network to help early-stage entrepreneurs build great companies.  Entrepreneurs gain access to our portfolio of companies and associations with global business leaders. These relationships are the foundation for strategic alliances, partnership opportunities, and the sharing of insights to help build new ventures faster, broader and with less risk.

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About Us

Mobility Ventures is a new breed of venture capital investors: Venturepreneurs™ -- venture capitalists and entrepreneurs possessing an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical & market expertise, global operational and venture investment experiences to identify, invest and help build industry dominating companies. The Mobility Ventures team members are proven business leaders and entrepreneurs who have helped to lead the wireless revolution of the past two decades, built some of the world's most leading edge and successful companies, technologies, products and services, including the launch of cellular and PCS in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Mobility Ventures focuses on companies across the Wireless Ecosystem and provides both investment capital and critical strategic management support needed for business and financial success. 

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