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AUSTIN, Texas – October 22, 2008 - Alereon, Inc., the Certified Wireless USB technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia solutions, today announced Toshiba's new Wireless USB dynadock™ is powered by Alereon's AL5000 Worldwide Wireless USB Chipset. The new Toshiba solution is the world's highest performance and the only full featured docking station to meet the needs of the office environment. In addition, when used in conjunction with a Toshiba PCIe ExpressCard or WUSB adapter the dynadock™ is the only solution available worldwide that can operate in WiMedia band groups one, three, and six meeting regulatory requirements across the globe via simple software configuration. The product will be demonstrated at the WiMedia Open House in Seoul Korea at the JW Marriott on Wednesday, October 22 by Alereon. For more information on the Open House see

 "Entrepreneurs Turned Investors: The View From Here". Fairmount Banff Springs Hotel Banff Alberta

AUSTIN, Texas – August 11, 2008 – Alereon, Inc.,the Certified Wireless USB technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia solutions, today announced the AL5604 Worldwide Wireless USB Adapter, which provides Wireless USB connectivity for laptops and desktop PCs, has been granted FCC modular certification as the first approved Wireless USB product for use in UWB bandgroups one, three and six. The USB Adapter is the first of several Alereon designs expected to be granted modular certification by the FCC in the WiMedia upper bandgroups this quarter.The AL5604 is based on the AL5000 family chipset, which covers the entire UWB spectrum from 3.1–10.6 GHz.

In the construction business, a minute saved is way more than a penny earned. Time is of the essence, and when the batteries in power tools run down on the jobsite, it can be a major interruption. Typically, it can take 45 minutes to an hour to recharge. Plus, with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chargers, batteries can build up excessive heat, greatly reducing their overall life span.

InnerWireless®, Inc., the premier provider of converged wireless solutions, today announced that El Camino Hospital, in Mountain View, Calif., will deploy Horizon™ in its new 300-bed hospital to guarantee wireless connectivity and coverage for mission- and life-critical applications. El Camino Hospital so strongly believes in mobility that it chose to deploy the InnerWireless system throughout the entire facility to guarantee wireless coverage everywhere – even in the basement. Horizon converges WWAN and WLAN services including cellular/PCS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, WMTS, pagers and two-way radios. Horizon also keeps mobile staff and clinicians continuously connected to the hospital's main HIS, so they can access patient information at all times.

10C CREW receives Tools of the Trade 2008 Editors’ Choice Award. "Each year, Tools of the Trade editors scan our incredible universe searching for the best of the best to honor as Editors' Choice Awardees. This year, 10C Technologies is among those honored for delivering innovative, high technology solutions—enabling industries to work faster and safer while improving quality, productivity, and bottom line success."

InnerWireless rounds up an additional $3M

Thursday, 12 June 2008 Published in News in 2008

InnerWireless Inc. has raised $3 million in a fresh round of equity financing.

Investors in the Richardson tech company include Dallas' Sevin Rosen Funds, Plano's Technology Associates Management Co., New York's Rho Ventures and Massey Burch Capital Corp. of Tennessee.

Since its 2001 inception, InnerWireless has raised at least $66.7 million in venture funding, according to Dallas Business Journal research.

AUSTIN, Texas and TAIPEI, Taiwan – June 02, 2008 – Alereon, Inc., the Certified Wireless USB technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia solutions, today announced a full range of high performance worldwide reference designs for Wireless USB applications. Included are the Worldwide PCIe Half-MiniCard and Worldwide PCIe ExpressCard/34 reference designs for host laptops; and the Worldwide Wireless USB Graphics Adapter reference design for device solutions. Leveraging on Alereon's first generation products, which were certified by the USB-IF, the new reference designs are compliant with both the WiMedia and Certified Wireless USB specifications along with the Windows Premium Logo Program utilizing the Windows Host Controller Interface (WHCI). The PCIe Half-MiniCard and ExpressCard/34 designs feature the Alereon AL5350/AL5100 Wireless USB chipset with PCIe interface, making them the only true worldwide host reference designs. Operating in WiMedia band groups 1, 3, 4 and 6, Alereon's AL5000 Family of products provide both OEMs and ODMs with a single solution that can meet the regulatory requirements in any country via software configuration.

InnerWireless’ Horizon™ to provide guaranteed wireless coverage for mission- and life-critical applications

RICHARDSON, Texas – May 15, 2008 – InnerWireless®, Inc., the premier provider of converged wireless solutions, today announced that the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS) will deploy Horizon™ in its new 385,000-square-foot Critical Care Hospital to ensure guaranteed wireless connectivity for mission- and life-critical applications. With Horizon, VCUHS can optimize its wireless ecosystem, which includes 802.11 a/b/g, wireless telemetry, cellular phones and PDAs, clinical carts, laptops, tablet PCs, pagers,and two-way radios.

AUSTIN, Texas – April 28, 2008 – Alereon, Inc., the Certified Wireless USB technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia solutions, today announced the latest addition to their AL5000 worldwide product family, the new AL5350 BaseBand Processor (BBP) plus Media Access Controller (MAC) that pairs with the previously announced AL5100 RF transceiver. The new chipset, based on Alereon's previously certified AL5000 family design, features both a USB and PCI Express interface designed for high performance PC embedded Half-MiniCard Wireless USB applications, docking stations, wireless monitors and wireless connections from laptops to HDTVs. In addition, the AL5350/AL5100 chipset was designed to meet the new Windows Premium Logo Program Windows Host Controller Interface (WLP WHCI) requirements.

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