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ROMAN KIKTA, Managing Partner & Founder

Roman Kikta is the Managing Partner and Founder of Mobility Ventures. Roman is a wireless industry innovator since the 1980s, who’s also a seasoned venture capitalist, entrepreneur and author. Roman has had an exemplary career in the launch and growth of new companies, corporate divisions and business units, and commercializing leading edge technologies, products and services.  He is well known as an effective "change-agent" who combines his entrepreneurial spirit with extensive product and market development experiences to inspire, build and accelerate every organization he touches.

Roman has held key executive positions in strategy, marketing, and product development, corporate development, playing instrumental roles in building multi-billion dollar companies, business units and divisions from startups concept to global corporations including Nokia PCSPanasonic Communications & Systems CompanyGoldStar (now LG), and OKI.  He was a founder of Global Wireless Holdings (GWH), E-Life (a proposed spinout from Nokia), SpeedLink Communications (DSL broadband provider in the UK), ChangeAgent Media and as a Co-Founder and Managing General Partner of Genesis Campus, an early stage venture capital fund and incubator. 

Roman is an authority on market trends and the role of technologies on society from an anthropological, sociological and psychological perspective. He has led the development and commercialization, launch of several wireless industry firsts: cellular payphones, voice recognition dialers, cellular in-building/PBX systems, several generations of mobile transportable and portable phone designs and involved in the initial launch of cellular (analog) and PCS (digital) in the U.S. 

As a venture capitalist, Roman has a demonstrable track record in fund formation, raising capital, operations management and identifying, structuring, negotiating and implementing successful partnerships and multi-party business activities as well as attracting, evaluating and advising portfolio companies. He works closely with entrepreneurs, providing the experience, global perspective, and extensive networks of relationships thereby increasing the probability of success.  Roman has a perceptive sense of market trends globally and has a proven ability to identify and invest in emerging opportunities, as well as to scale opportunities across geographies.  Under Roman’s leadership, Genesis Campus was named a "Top 100 Venture Capital Firm for Entrepreneurs" by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2004; Finalist for the Tech Titans Technopolis Award in 2005; and a “Top Venture Capital Firm” in 2004 by Austin Business Journal.  

Roman is an  authority on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and is a sought after public speaker on future trends,  innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital investing and is frequently quoted in newspapers, industry publications and has been interviewed on television and talk radio programs and regularly serves as a guest lecturer at the Entrepreneurial Finance course at The University of Texas at Dallas, The Jindal School of Management. Roman is a co-author of four books published by McGraw-Hill on communications technologies including:  "Wireless Internet Crash Course", "3G Wireless Demystified", "Delivering xDSL", and "CDMA IS-95 for Cellular & PCS: Technology, Economics & Services" and over 100 articles, as a contributing editor at Mobile Video magazine, The Animated Telecom Dictionary, NowPublic, and the He is also a co-inventor on a patent issued titled Location-Based Novelty Index Value and Recommendation System and Method.

Roman is a Fellow of the Radio Club of America and was named a 2001 High Tech All-Star by DFW TechBiz. Roman currently serves on the Board of Directors or Advisors at Agile Mesh, Indoor Atlas; vPromos and the University of Texas at Dallas, The Jindal School of Management - Executive Education, and civic and philanthropic organizations.   Roman holds a B.A. degree from Rutgers University and is a graduate of the Management program at New York University, the Private Equity and Venture Capital program at Harvard Business School and the Strategy & Innovation program at MIT Sloan.

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Mobility Ventures is a new breed of venture capital investors: Venturepreneurs™ -- venture capitalists and entrepreneurs possessing an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical & market expertise, global operational and venture investment experiences to identify, invest and help build industry dominating companies. The Mobility Ventures team members are proven business leaders and entrepreneurs who have helped to lead the wireless revolution of the past two decades, built some of the world's most leading edge and successful companies, technologies, products and services, including the launch of cellular and PCS in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Mobility Ventures focuses on companies across the Wireless Ecosystem and provides both investment capital and critical strategic management support needed for business and financial success. 

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