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Mobility Ventures team members are VENTUREPRENEURS™ who bring forth a complimentary set of experiences and skills.  Ours is a shared common set of core values: building relationships based on integrity and trust; a true passion for technology; an ingrained commitment to being a hands-on, hard-working partner; a belief in the power of a true team approach and a desire to change and better the world.  And first and foremost, we have the utmost respect for the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial process. We’ll often undertake projects where we can be a catalyst for collaboration among stakeholders. We think you get a better solution - no matter what you're building - when you create synergy from a diverse group of minds.


Investment & Operations

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Board of Advisors


W. DAL BERRY, Senior Advisor Emeritus

LEONARD J. BRODY, Senior Advisor – Digital Media


MAL GURIAN, Senior Advisor Emeritus

SAN-QI LI, Ph.D., Senior Advisor

JOSHUA BOWER-SAUL, Advisor - Cross-Border Ventures

GIGI WANG, Senior Advisor - Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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About Us

Mobility Ventures is a new breed of venture capital investors: Venturepreneurs™ -- venture capitalists and entrepreneurs possessing an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical & market expertise, global operational and venture investment experiences to identify, invest and help build industry dominating companies. The Mobility Ventures team members are proven business leaders and entrepreneurs who have helped to lead the wireless revolution of the past two decades, built some of the world's most leading edge and successful companies, technologies, products and services, including the launch of cellular and PCS in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Mobility Ventures focuses on companies across the Wireless Ecosystem and provides both investment capital and critical strategic management support needed for business and financial success. 

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